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Catch up on Game Of Thrones with this rap recap from Ras Kass

Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO

Legendary West Coast emcee Ras Kass is thought of as a sort of ’90s hidden treasure. He never exactly made a classic album (although his ’96 debut Soul On Ice holds up well), but he’s still an immensely well-respected emcee—his lyrics dense with wordplay and historical allusions but his delivery easy-going, a California counterpoint to early stuff by Common or Nas.

What’s he been up to lately? Apparently watching the shit out of Game Of Thrones like the rest of us. In this exclusive cut, he raps the entire saga of its six seasons, a helpful service for anyone who needs a quick primer before the new season starts on July 16 or wondered what rhymes with Hodor. (It’s “cold war,” duh.)

Over a stomping beat that samples the show’s opening theme, Ras Kass encapsulates the show’s many plotlines and turning points (“Dany a tour de force / She got kidnapped, then turned into the human torch”) before weighing in on fan theories for the story’s conclusion. He’s also been working on Soul On Ice 2, the sequel to his debut record. You can follow him on Instagram or Twitter for more details.


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