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Catch up on all of the most preposterous Who Is America? stunts in one place

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime series Who Is America? can be something of a mixed bag, but it’s nothing short of transcendent when the comedian gets his marks right where he wants them. The above video compilation from Vulture captures several of those moments, many of which find our country’s most renowned bigots willingly debasing themselves with only the slightest nudge.


Among the highlights are Capitol Hill alums like Trent Lott and Joe Walsh advocating for armed pre-schoolers; Dick Cheney signing a water board kit and taking a “dick pic”; and recently resigned Georgia representative Jason Spencer enthusiastically screaming the n-word. Also, while the segments themselves weren’t the show’s strongest, there’s still something indelible about seeing far-right monsters like Joe Arpaio and David Clarke against the candy-colored backdrop of OMGWhizzBoyOMG’s “unboxing” series.

Still, there’s so much left to see, not the least of which being a bare-assed, “USA!”-chanting Spencer running backwards at Baron Cohen’s Erran Morad to “turn him into a homosexual.” Because it simply must be seen to be believed, you can watch that clip in full below.

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