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Casting notice for Girls suggests next season may see its characters less than happy and fulfilled

Spoiling Girls for those who have until now enjoyed watching its ensemble lead fulfilling lives marked by professional achievement and tandem-bike rides, a newly leaked casting notice suggests the show might take a dark, depressing turn in its third season, with at least one of its characters undergoing a downward spiral that leads to unhealthy behavior and painful self-reflection, probably for just an episode. That’s just wild speculation, of course, though the show is looking for patients to fill out what appears to be a rehab facility—various “slovenly” alcoholics with “beer guts” and “teased hair,” a “well-dressed” middle-aged African-American patient, a “chain-smoking nurse”—all of whom seem to be part of a hospital menagerie surrounding whatever Girls character will need the most help between the OCD-crazed Hannah and possibly relapsed alcoholic Adam, and who decides to seek it out rather than, say, spending an entire season slowly self-destructing.

Similarly pointing to a new direction, and in keeping with Lena Dunham’s promise to be more racially diverse, the show is also seeking Latin men and women to play “social worker” and “maintenance worker” types—so that discussion should finally be over—while the casting page notes that Girls is “Also looking for hipsters!!!” So, that one hipster episode of Girls should be interesting, before it finally gets back to the Girls girls hanging out with their new Latin maintenance worker friend, just feeling good about stuff. [via Vulture]


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