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Casper, The Friendly Ghost to be revived in life-affirming 3-D

Illustration for article titled iCasper, The Friendly Ghost/i to be revived in life-affirming 3-D

The timeless story of a helpful, ingratiating, dead little fat boy, Casper The Friendly Ghost will likely be hauled once more from the eternal peace of the afterlife and made to walk the earth alone among the mortals that he can never truly love, with Universal and Amblin reportedly making plans to again turn the story of Casper’s everlasting torment into a new feature film. Unlike the Casper films that have been made since 1995’s Christina Ricci/Bill Pullman-starring blockbuster—all gloomy, straight-to-video affairs, haunted by the desiccated spirits of Steve Guttenberg and Pauly Shore and the like—this new Casper is being envisioned as a big-screen relaunch in 3-D, because enough people saw Yogi Bear that it’s not going to stop anytime soon. While there’s no story yet, early reports suggest that the film could draw inspiration from the recent comic Casper And The Spectrals, which takes place in the invisible-to-humans New York suburb of Spooky Town, where Casper and his friends Wendy The Witch and Hot Stuff the devil talk at length about the fleetingness of life and man’s incipient amorality. Or they fly around and get into family-friendly adventures and stuff.


Hey, perhaps instead of forcing Ghostbusters 3, Dan Aykroyd could just expand on this?

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