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Casey Wilson working on another show for ABC that isn't Happy Endings

Good news for Happy Endings fans, who have long since given up on seeing a sentence that begins with “good news for Happy Endings fans” that ends with actual good news for that show. Its star Casey Wilson has landed a deal to develop a new comedy series at ABC with June Diane Raphael, who most recently starred in that network’s scrapped Pulling pilot alongside Jenny Slate and Kristen Schaal—a show that didn’t even get the chance to be shunted around ABC’s schedule before dying, thus remaining pure and beautiful.

According to Deadline, Wilson doesn’t yet have a deal to co-star with Raphael, though is seems likely that she will anyway, continuing a collaboration with Raphael that goes all the way back to a chance meeting in an NYU clown class, as so many meaningful relationships do. There’s also not, as yet, any indication of what the show might be about, though let’s just assume it will be about funny ladies who are friends, and also that it will take place during the Crimean War. Wilson will play Lord Aberdeen, and she will be sensational.


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