Happy Endings

Though a mysterious benefactor has pledged to use his/her fortune to fund a Happy Endings movie, the beloved ABC comedy series still doesn’t show any sign of coming back soon. It’s alright, though, because Casey Wilson has lined up another pilot that should help kill the time between now and whenever that mysterious benefactor’s check clears. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says Wilson’s new show is Hail Mary for ABC. Wilson will be playing a small-town mayor named Mary Wolf “who has dysfunctional siblings, a dying father, disgruntled citizens, a nearly bankrupt town, and the mafia breathing down her neck,” so she does what any good leader would do and fakes some kind of “miracle” in order to drive up tourism in her town. Her character is also described as “less of a rule-follower and more of a rule-breaker,” and she apparently has “the charisma of a young Bill Clinton.”

Hail Mary is based on an Austrian series called Braunshlag, which coincidentally starred one of the principal actors from Zufrieden Schluss, the Austrian Happy Endings. (That part’s not true.)