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Casey Kasem is missing

Casey Kasem has gone missing. The American Top 40 radio DJ has been reported missing by his family and friends, who last saw him during a May 6 hospital visit in Santa Monica, California.

Kasem has long been dealing with Parkinson’s disease, and lately Kasem’s friends have publicly questioned whether his second wife, Jean, is taking proper care of him. Jean Kasem removed her husband from the hospital following his family’s visit—a move the family claims could be dangerous, as he had both “an IV plus a stomach feeding tube.” Kasem’s friends also claim Jean has long controlled Casey, and accuse her of “[sticking] him out by himself in a condo with a caretaker in Malibu for years.” Casey Kasem’s friends also say the longtime DJ can no longer speak and is “probably dying.”


In her defense, Jean Kasem has previously filed papers in court saying Casey’s children “falsely claim that their stepmother is wicked and is keeping her husband prisoner.” In the same statement, Jean said the family’s presence in the hospital “would be toxic and extremely distressing for Casey, Jean, and their daughter, Liberty.”

Kasem’s children believe he might currently be on a Washington State Indian reservation, alleging Jean Kasem was overheard making arrangements for Casey to be taken there on a private plane. They hope that someone will soon tip them off to their father’s specific whereabouts.

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