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Casey Affleck starring in Boston Strangler movie, as part of Affleck family mission to dramatize everything that's ever happened in Boston

One Hour Photo director Mark Romanek is in talks to direct Casey Affleck in a new film about the Boston Strangler, one of America's most notorious serial killers. The film will help fulfill the Affleck brothers' vow to play more Boston-based characters than there are actual people in Boston.

Affleck will most likely not play the Strangler himself, but rather a detective on his trail. Real-life Strangler Albert DeSalvo confessed to murdering 13 women in and around Beantown between 1962 and 1964, although theories abound that he was only responsible for some of those killings. Nevertheless, the Boston Strangler became nationally infamous and the subject of several films, including The Strangler (filmed while the killer was still at large), and 1968's The Boston Strangler with Tony Curtis and Henry Fonda.

Similarities to David Fincher's Zodiac—not to mention Romanek's familiarity with dark material—give hope to the idea that the film will be, to borrow a phrase, wicked pissah. Even if the movie's beat, and Affleck's performance smells like the Blue Line, the kid's a good shit.


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