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Cary Elwes invites you to his Fourth Of July carnival in cryptic new Stranger Things teaser

Screenshot: Stranger Things (Netflix)

Stranger Thingsprevious trailers haven’t offered us much on Cary Elwes’ Mayor Kline, but one thing’s for sure: the man loves fireworks. That much is clear in the latest teaser for Netflix’s sci-fi throwback, which highlights the Hawkins Fourth Of July carnival, which Kline himself is happy to toss his name in front of. If you’re wondering what to expect of the character, consider his ownership of the celebration a hint.

Shot and edited like a bygone, ‘80s-era TV clip, the teaser includes glimpses of the Wheeler family on the ferris wheel, as well as an ominous glimpse of the Gravitron, a stomach-churning carnival staple. Will chunks be tossed? We’d bet on it.


Stranger Things 3, like Trump, hopes to hijack your Fourth of July plans when its full season lands next week.

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