It’s become all too common to discuss reactions in the wake of senseless violence in this world. Following the murders of four French cartoonists—along with eight others who worked at satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo—many cartoonists from around the world have responded the best way they know how, putting pen to paper and honoring the memory of the fallen in the manner they’d most like to be remembered. Their images are irreverent but thoughtful, bold yet humane, and funny, but with a melancholy that could help readers better cope with their feelings.

While there has been a tidal wave of cartoons reacting to the killings, Buzzfeed has collected 21 that exemplify the various reactions people are still going through. Some are darkly comical, like this one by cartoonist David Pope:

Then there are those who push back against those who would wish to silence any form of criticism or art, like this reaction by French cartoonist Boulet:

(Translated, it means “Ducks will always fly higher than guns,” “ducks” being French slang for the newspaper)


While others, like cartoonist Neelabh Banerjee, are using these horrific deaths as a rallying cry and as proof that art is vital and that protection of free speech is integral to every free society.

There are many more, each with its own take on this senseless loss. Some by folks who knew the victims quite well, and others by people who never met them but shared a passion for distilling the world into small, illustrated panels. It’s a powerful reminder of the price paid for daring to tell a joke.