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Cartoon Network to try this ThunderCats thing again, snarf snarf

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Like some sort of sexy, sword-wielding lion creature, trying to knock off a cartoon mummy’s head, Cartoon Networks is taking another swing at this whole ThunderCats thing. Per Entertainment Weekly, the network just announced a new series, ThunderCats Roar, which promises a lighter, more comedic take on the ’80s cartoon franchise.

This is the second time CN has attempted to get kids to bite on a ThunderCats revival over the last few years; in 2011, the network debuted a much grittier take on the franchise, complete with anime-inspired character designs, a heavier focus on serialization, and all the romantic dramas and love triangles that ’shippers crave. But that series was canceled after its first season, which might explain why Roar is taking such a radically different approach this time around. Helmed by producer Victor Courtright, the series has a sketchy, more cartoonish feel that’s visually of a piece with recent network hits like Adventure Time and Steven Universe, while the shift to comedy mirrors the transition Teen Titans took to the much lighter Teen Titans Go!

Courtright also showed off the intro sequence for the new show, which promises a borderline-disorienting blitz through his characters’ convoluted backstories, while also promising lots of action sequences to break up all the jokes. ThunderCats Roar will debut on Cartoon Network some time next year.


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