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Cartoon Network teases Steven Universe: The Movie

Steven Universe just finished its latest big story arc in suitably dramatic fashion, complete with a wedding, a face-off against two of the series’ big bads, and a bunch of revelations about the hidden nature of the show’s characters and universe. How, then, could the show’s cast and crew top all the built-up hype for “Reunion” at this year’s Comic-Con? Well, how about a movie?


To be clear, this isn’t going to be a theatrical release for the beloved Rebecca Sugar show; Steven Universe: The Movie will air instead on Cartoon Network, presumably some time later this year or early in the next. Still, there are all sorts of hints here that the film is going to be definitive—even if it hasn’t been formally announced as an actual finale for the series, which has been showing signs of finding a wrap-up point some time soon. There’s the ominous tone, obviously, mixed in with some of the show’s typically beautiful music. But there’s also the shot at the end of somebody cackling menacingly from within that spinning heart…

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