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Cartoon Network’s making a new Justice League cartoon

A promotional image for Justice League Action

A decade after Justice League Unlimited went off the air—and right on time for justice to dawn again in the upcoming Batman V Superman—Cartoon Network has announced that it’s putting a new animated series about the DC Universe’s hardest hitters into production. Taking its cues from the network’s Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Action will feature a rotating roster of capes, led by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as they deal with world-threatening foes in quick, 11-minute increments.

And while certain segments of the fanbase might decry the show’s new, kid-friendly designs, or quietly wonder why the hell they don’t just bring back Young Justice already, Cartoon Network did have at least one sop to its older fans: the return of DC Animated Universe alumni Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (less retired from Jokerdom by the day, apparently) to play Batman and his clown prince nemesis. Meanwhile, we don’t know yet who’ll be playing Superman or Wonder Woman, but Variety is reporting that another former Batman—The Brave And The Bolds Diedrich Bader—will be playing this show’s version of the profit-seeking Booster Gold, while the role of Lex Luthor will be taken on by real-life Twitter supervillain James Woods.


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