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Cartoon Network revives The Powerpuff Girls, kills Young Justice and Green Lantern

Illustration for article titled Cartoon Network revives emThe Powerpuff Girls/em, kills emYoung Justice/em and emGreen Lantern/em

Like an ADD-addled God, Cartoon Network giveth and Cartoon Network taketh away, with the channel quietly announcing via its newly released lineup that—in addition to losing Star Wars: The Clone Wars, probably to an inevitable new home at Disney—both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series are finishing their respective runs, while also offering the possible salve that The Powerpuff Girls are coming back. For those whose superhero proclivities run toward a deeper, more traditional strain of nostalgia, the death of the modern spins on the Justice League and Green Lantern mythology will undoubtedly be a disappointment. But for ’90s kids just now becoming aware of their own mortality, perhaps they’ll be momentarily distracted by the return of Craig McCracken’s eyeballs in adorable dresses, in their first adventure since 2005, in a special featuring a guest role—and original song—from Ringo Starr? Or, maybe not,  considering the special is billed as a “redesigned and reimagined” Powerpuff Girls, featuring the original voice actors but not McCracken nor any of his creative team, and rendered in brand-new CG that may look like this. Indeed, lots of mixed feelings today. [via io9]


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