Yesterday at the Cartoon Network upfronts, the network announced its intention to keep its hit shows churning, opting renew basically its entire Thursday night lineup. CN also announced new shows, like We Bare Bears, Mighty Magiswords, a Powerpuff Girls reboot, and a new original miniseries entitled Long Live The Royals, all of which look promising in their own, low-key ways. Fans of Adventure Time and Regular Show will also be excited, as the former will receive an extensive miniseries of its own, while the later will get a entire movie of its own.

The most inexplicable announcement, however, is the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover. Connecting two wildly, tonally-different shows whose only tangible connection is that they’re both animated in color, the press release for the upcoming crossover “Say Uncle” implies that the someone in the Uncle Grandpa universe is related to Steven and will help him with his gem powers. In other news, someone should check into the Cartoon Network Studios and make sure there isn’t a gas leak.