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Illustration for article titled Carly Rae Jepsen to play beauty-school dropout in Fox’s iGrease: Live /imusical

That Grease: Live musical that people may or may not want (but probably don’t) has lined up most of its key players, which means it’ll be heading up to that malt shop in the sky soon enough. The musical, which will air live on Fox on January 31, 2016, has its Danny, Sandy, and a knockoff Rizzo. Scream QueensKeke Palmer has been cast as Marty Maraschino (yes, like the cherry), and now Mashable has learned that Carly Rae Jepsen will pick up the shears to play Frenchy.


Jepsen’s discography and youth should help her fit right in at Rydell High (though the age thing has never been a prerequisite). And “Call Me Maybe” even sounds like a throwback, what with its antiquated notion of talking to someone over the phone with your mouth-words and not emoji. But we’ve yet to see (or hear) anything from Jepsen that would suggest she could convincingly sing-dance her way through a disastrous dye job, so Fox will probably have to make sure to cast the right Frankie Avalon stand-in to serve as her guardian angel.

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