Here is a picture of James Woods with a woman named Ashley Madison. Seriously, that's her name. (Photo: Getty Images)

The biggest political endorsement of Carly Fiorina’s career just happened. No, it’s not CNN claiming she won the most recent Republican debate. The conservative presidential contender has just landed the kind of endorsement that draws attention, an endorsement from someone who would otherwise be running an underground golfing performance-art experiment or something. Actor and hilariously misguided legal-system aficionado James Woods took to Twitter yesterday to endorse the politician for President, but not without couching it in language that still touted his own actions, because he understands that a work ethic is 99 percent saying you have one.


The film in reference is called Citizen Carly, and is produced by Carly For America, the Super PAC that should be called “Super ADORABLE” for thinking it can convince the party’s far-right base to vote for a woman. This tweet comes just days after another one from Woods, saying, “Both parties have undermined the work ethic in America with horribly failed policies.” Which is true, but also more than a little comical when stated by a guy whose primary career has seemingly mostly consisted of acting like a childish maniac—and that’s off-camera. (Mr. Woods, all lawsuits can be directed toward The A.V. Club, and not my personal twitter handle, thanks.)

[h/t to The Wrap]