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Carlos D quits Interpol

Just a couple weeks after unveiling its first new song in several years, Interpol has announced that bassist Carlos Dengler, a.k.a. Carlos D, has left the band to “pursue new goals.” With his tendency toward militaristic fashion—and persistent rumors of a proclivity toward Rubenesque goth girls—Dengler was both the most visible and polarizing member of Interpol, a Pete Wentz-like magnet for much of the “hipster” ire directed toward the band, but he also had a lot to do with directing the group’s image and sound. While Dengler did finish the recording of its new album, his departure comes just before the group’s upcoming tour dates opening for U2, and Interpol has already stated that it has some new, “illustrious players” being brought on for those shows.

There’s no hint yet what those “new goals” might be for Dengler, but as we reported back in 2007, he seemed to be seriously pursuing film work by composing alternate soundtracks for films and TV shows like Ice Age 2 and Deadwood and posting them to his website. At the time, we noted that he seemed to be prepping himself to be the next Clint Mansell, so we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the direction he chooses to go in.


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