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Even if the fourth season of Arrested Development doesn't happen—like, say, Netflix somehow gets canceled—you'll probably still be able to piece it together in your mind, given that the Internet seems intent on spoiling its every single surprise. Not us, though. The other Internet. We're reporting this from behind the Iron Curtain of ironic detachment, where we can safely declare that those other people are jerks. Anyway, here's another one of those no-longer-surprises: According to David Cross (via an interview with Vulture), Carl Weathers is set to return to the show, reprising his role as frugal acting coach "Carl Weathers," and demonstrating again the ease with which certain filling broths can be created using whatever discarded animal parts happen to be lying around. He joins other confirmed returning, non-Bluth actors like Scott Baio, Henry Winkler, Liza Minnelli, Judy Greer, Mae Whitman, Jeff Garlin, and, let's just assume to save time, anyone else who ever appeared on the show and is alive.


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