With everyone from Bryan Singer to Tron Legacy's Joseph Kosinski having been attached to the remake of Logan's Run over the past 15 years, a new director is jumping on the carousel (so to speak): Carl Erik Rinsch. Says Deadline, producer Joel Silver is still at the reins, but Rinsch—who's currently prepping the upcoming, Keanu Reeves-starring 47 Ronin—has already stated a desire to more faithfully adapt the original novel; the 1976 film deviated substantially from its source, William F. Nolan's and George Clayton Johnson's 1967 science-fiction classic, a book that envisions a dystopian future where citizens are executed as soon as they turn 30. Rinsch, protégée of Ridley and Tony Scott, was briefly attached to the upcoming Alien prequel before Ridley took it back over last summer.