Photo: Max Temkin/Twitter

These are strange days for civil discourse: Social justice movements are being co-opted for soft drink commercials, and threats of pork rectums have been turned into something more vegetarian friendly. Cards Against Humanity’s Max Temkin is spearheading the latter initiative, which, despite sounding like it was pulled from one of his game’s cards, is actually a peaceful protest. Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson rubbed Temkin the wrong way after his office sent a cease-and-desist letter to a veteran who had made hundreds of phone calls in an effort to question him about the Affordable Care Act. The Republican politician also earned Temkin’s ire for abstaining from town halls, thereby depriving his constituents a platform from which to voice their concerns. So Temkin vowed to inundate Johnson’s office with pork rectums until he agreed to hold a town hall meeting.

The card game impresario soon realized that shipping all those pig anuses probably wouldn’t work, so he switched to potatoes. Temkin also offered the internet a chance to join in on the S. tuberosum fun, by donating $5 to ship a potato to Johnson’s office. Now all those starchy veggies are finally on their way to Wisconsin, and here’s the photographic proof:


We’ll keep an eye out for more potato-related news.