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Cardi B is apparently in Fast And Furious 9

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Photo: Steven Ferdman (Getty Images)

If you thought Cardi B’s movie career would begin and end with Hustlers, then you don’t know what it’s like when a celebrity is having a moment. Cardi B is a big deal, and it’s time for her to start (or continue) popping up in surprising places. The latest surprising place? Fast And Furious 9, apparently, with Vin Diesel posting a video from the set of him and Cardi casually talking about their hard day of filming as if it’s totally normal for him to be talking about this with Cardi B (and not, say, Ludacris). This comes from Billboard, and while it may seem unusual for an announcement to happen like this, it’s worth noting that this—meaning Instagram posts from Vin Diesel—is how we get most of our information about the Fast And Furious series.

So, assuming this is not some weird gag, it looks like Cardi B is in Fast 9 and she’s doing something that was particularly tiring for her and Vin Diesel and may have involved wearing a bulky tactical vest of some kind. Of course, she could’ve just been wearing that vest in the video for some other reason. It’s hard to say, since Vin Diesel always just looks like Dom Toretto anyway. We’ll probably find out one way or another when Fast 9 comes out in May. (We’re crossing our fingers that she’s a previously unmentioned Shaw sibling, and she can be the new big villain in the series.

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