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Cardi B.’s latest high-octane single Press” has been saddled with her real-life legal drama since its debut - an understandable side effect of releasing the song the same day as a high profile court appearance. Now, just one day after entering a “not guilty” plea for charges stemming from a club brawl last August, the Grammy-winning rapper has released a bloody music video with no shortage of jarring, yet visually stunning cinematography. The video definitely isn’t safe for work, though the song itself doesn’t give the impression that a fitting video would be workplace-friendly, so substantial warnings abound.

The opening is marginally reminiscent of a modern-day installment of a Murderess Row story, a beautiful star’s gruesome act clouded by glitz and celebrity. Cardi dances naked (kind of) and shows up to court in high fashion, yet dispersed between those moments are shots of fallen, bloodied bodies. The shock appeal is naturally high, but when has Bronx-born entertainer ever delivered a music video that didn’t get people talking?


Cardi teased the release of “Press” back in December and could potentially end up on her sophomore album, which is still slated to release sometime this year.

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