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Caption Contest: Will Texas Chainsaw 3D bore audiences to death?

Illustration for article titled Caption Contest: Will emTexas Chainsaw 3D/em bore audiences to death?

In the interest of science, creativity, and the science of creativity, we're posting a film or TV still every week, and we're going to ask you to come up with a clever caption. Whoever's caption gets the most likes will win some kind of nonsense prize from The A.V. Club office, most likely a Simpsons toy of some sort. The winners of the last two contests, well sort of: The most-liked of the Jack Reacher captions violates our don't-be-too-crude rule, so we're calling that a no-contest. (You can go over there and read it if you'd like.) For the Parental Guidance caption, the winner is Citric, who gave us the very clever "Noooo mommy! I don't want to be in an Oscars opening montage!"


Make sure you post your caption as a new comment, not as a reply, so we can sort out the winner. And though we know you'll be tempted to go for the easy, gross joke, remember that our commenting policy isn't out the window here. This week's still comes from Texas Chainsaw 3D, which our film editor Scott Tobias is currently watching on a Friday morning, since there was (surprise, surprise) no press screening. His review will be up later today. Here's a caption from me, to get you started:


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