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Caption Contest: What's happening in this Twilight photo?

In the interest of science, creativity, and the science of creativity, we're going to begin posting a film or TV still every week, and we're going to ask you to come up with a clever caption. Whoever's caption gets the most likes will win some kind of nonsense prize from The A.V. Club office, most likely a Simpsons toy of some sort.

Make sure you post your caption as a new comment, not as a reply, so we can sort out the winner. And though we know you'll be tempted to go for the easy, gross joke, remember that our commenting policy isn't out the window here. You can be funny (and even dirty) without being crass. Just look at the New Yorker! I'll kick things off with this week's still, which is from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Pictured: Jacob, a shape-shifter, and Renesmee, the daughter of a vampire and a human. Jake has "imprinted" on Renesmee, so they will be bonded for life, a.k.a. future lovers.


"Now in England, for some reason they spell it p-a-e-d-o, but in America it's just p-e-d-o."

And here's one from our resident Twilight expert, Marah Eakin:

"OMG, you like Taylor Swift too?!"

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