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Caption Contest: Brad Pitt contemplates zombies

In the interest of science, creativity, and the science of creativity, we're posting a film or TV still every week, and we're going to ask you to come up with a clever caption. Whoever's caption gets the most likes will win some kind of nonsense prize from The A.V. Club office, most likely a Simpsons toy of some sort. The winner of the last contest was your old gimmick friend Reposted a7x Fan, who stole this and gave it to The Bling Ring:

"Hater:You're ugly

Me:I don't care
Hater:You're stupit
Me:It doesn't matter
Hater:Evanescence sucks
Me:You have 3 seconds to run


-aliceparamorefan, 7 hours ago"

Make sure you post your caption as a new comment, not as a reply, so we can sort out the winner. And though we know you'll be tempted to go for the easy, gross joke, remember that our commenting policy isn't out the window here. This week’s still comes from World War Z, the halfway-decent Brad Pitt zombie flick. Here's one to get you started:

"I don't want to step on any toes here, but I think if you just directed it like this…"

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