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Illustration for article titled iCaptain Marvel/is new website is a glorious 90s Geocities fever dream
Screenshot: www.marvel.com

The marketing for the upcoming Captain Marvel has leaned hard on the film’s ’90s period-piece elements, something that’s been pretty clear since the moment her branded beeper showed up at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Still there’s “Hey, the ’90s were fun, right?”, and then there’s the aesthetic dominating the web site Marvel launched for the movie today, which can only be described as “Geocities as fuck.”


It has a guest book. It has a shitty, Flash-style “Find The Skrull” game. It has broken picture links and eye-searing banners. It even has a cute little Stan Lee cameo (scroll all the way to the bottom to see it). Someone did a very careful job of making this thing look like it was cobbled together out of poorly written HTML and Javascript cribbed off your more computer-savvy friend’s much-better-maintained site, and it’s one cheap-ass MIDI loop of the movie’s theme song from being an actual portal back to the internet, circa 1996.

It is glorious. Well played, Marvel marketing team.

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