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Or maybe they just think internet denizens will click on anything with an adorable cat on it.
Photo: Waring Abbott (Getty Images)

Ever since the first images for Captain Marvel started popping up online, Marvel’s marketing department has been very careful to put the film’s true star front and center: Carol Danvers’ adorable tabby cat, Goose. Goose (Chewie in the comics) has been there since the beginning, peeking out of the edges of big promotional shots, humanizing that old (young) sourpuss Nick Fury, and, now, promoting the movie from his very own movie poster.


All of which raises the question: How much of this is advertising, and how much is foreshadowing for some big reveal about Carol’s feline companion? After all, in the comic books, Chewie is eventually revealed to be an actual alien rather than an Earth feline, with all sorts of extraterrestrial powers at his disposal.

Honestly, though, this little sucker is already sitting at the intersection of “cute cats” and “Marvel movies,” and thus commands Thanos-esque levels of power over the minds of most of the internet as is. Who needs space tentacles when you’ve got that kind of mythical might at your disposal?

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