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Captain Marvel just blasted past the billion-dollar box-office mark

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Photo: Chuck Zlotnick (Marvel Studios)

Today in “How’d that boycott work out for ya, fellas?” news: Variety is reporting that Marvel’s Captain Marvel has just surpassed the vaunted billion-dollar box office mark, making it the seventh MCU movie to do so to date. The Brie Larson-starring superpowered period piece joins the ranks of Black Panther, Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War, and all three Avengers flicks in the vaunted Marvel Billions Club.


The film’s success—paired with DC’s Wonder Woman, which got close to the 10-digit mark itself—is obviously a real stick in the eye to everybody who’s tried to suggest over the years that female superheroes won’t sell. (Including, we have to note, Marvel itself, which waited literally 20 movies before giving this revolutionary idea a try.) Audiences were presumably pulled in by a variety of factors, from Larson’s Oscar-blessed star power, to her buddy-cop energy with Samuel L. Jackson, to her very adorable cat. (The film’s dedicated approach to female empowerment and positive messaging probably didn’t hurt, either.)

As with most big blockbusters these days, the majority of Captain Marvel’s revenue has come from foreign markets, with China contributing $152 million all on its very crowded lonesome. The film’s domestic total, meanwhile, is currently sitting at $358 million—still a pretty healthy chunk of Skrull-punching change.

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