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Captain Marvel and the Avengers are "all about that superhero life" in new Endgame clip

Bringing back the half of humanity that was vaporized after Infinity War’s snap would require Endgame’s remaining Avengers to concoct a crack plan, a multi-tiered strategy relying on their disparate talents.

Or not.

As the above clip contends, Captain Marvel’s here with the kind of plan that would make Ray Stantz proud. “So let’s get ‘em,” Brie Larson’s superhero says of the infinity stones. “Just like that?” Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner asks. “Yeah, just like that,” asserts Chris Evans’ Captain America.


Welp, it’s better than nothing. And Thor, who’s giving off some serious divorced dad vibes here, approves, so, hey, we love this plan, we’re excited to be a part of it!

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