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Captain Beefheart's Bat Chain Puller finally gets an official release

Originally recorded in 1976, the contents of Captain Beefheart's Bat Chain Puller have only been heard (in officially released form, anyway) via re-recorded versions on 1978's Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller), 1980's Doc At The Radar Station, and 1982's Ice Cream For Crow. The original record remained shelved because of a disagreement between the album's producer Frank Zappa and business partner Herb Cohen, and Beefheart's subsequent insistence that it not come out during his lifetime. But now, a year after Beefheart's death, Bat Chain Puller will be released via Zappa Records on January 15 (the date of what would have been Beefheart's 71st birthday). The CD will include 12 original tracks and three bonus songs, along with liner notes by Magic Band members Denny Walley and John French. You can pre-order the record here. [via the New York Times]


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