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Captain America's absence hovers over the first Falcon And Winter Soldier trailer

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Screenshot: Disney+

Marvel architect Kevin Feige opened his mouth and vomited out what felt like dozens of updates on the MCU’s present and future plans during Thursday’s Disney Investor Day. Buried among the spew was the first proper trailer for The Falcon And Winter Soldier, which, after its August premiere was delayed due to the virus, is slated to soar onto Disney+ in March.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprise their roles as Falcon and Winter Soldier, respectively, and Daniel Brühl also returns as Zemo, the Civil War antagonist Zemo. Joining him on the villainous end of things is Erin Kellyman (Solo: A Star Wars Story), here suited up as Flag-Smasher(s). Alongside the action—and, per that helicopter chase, it’ll be abundant—the series will also explore Sam Wilson’s evolution into Captain America. “The legacy of that shield is...complicated,” he says.


Watch the trailer below:

The Falcon And Winter Soldier touches down on Disney+ in March.

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