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Captain America’s Civil War squad drops by Kimmel to share a clip and some trivia

Illustration for article titled Captain America’s iCivil War /isquad drops by iKimmel /ito share a clip and some trivia

In keeping with his newly-established tradition of featuring Marvel exclusives, Jimmy Kimmel’s lined up many of Captain America: Civil War players to appear on his talk show this week. Monday night’s episode featured Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan, otherwise known as (most of) Team Cap. The charming foursome showed up with a previously unseen Civil War clip, in which Scott Lang meets Steve Rogers for the first time.

Lang can’t really keep his cool around Captain America or Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), telling them both that they’re “awesome,” but stopping just short of referring to the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This leads Kimmel to wonder how well everyone has gotten to know each other, considering Civil War took five months to shoot. Evans displays the most extensive knowledge of the group (which is kind of fitting), correctly answering questions about Mackie and Stan. But Rudd, who knows one of the multiple Disney films Evans has memorized, isn’t that far behind.


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