Post-credits scenes have been around for a few decades but in recent years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made the most effective use of them to bridge the gaps between films and intellectual properties. Which is why, as desperate as they might have been for a bathroom break after The Avengers, viewers remained in their seats for the stinger that teased Guardians Of The Galaxy, as well as that adorable scene with everyone scarfing down shawarma following their climactic battle.

Directors have grown increasingly generous (or tedious, if you’re somehow not a fan of the button) with these bonus glimpses, as two post-credits sequences have become the norm for MCU films. But now the same guys who recently hinted at weaving nearly 70 characters into the next Avengers film are suggesting Captain America: Civil War could have as many as three post-credits scenes. That’s according to a Forbes interview with Anthony and Joe Russo, in which the brothers talked about what prompted their shift to the Civil War storyline for their follow-up to The Winter Soldier, as well as fans’ tingling Spidey sense over the webslinger’s new suit.


Although they couldn’t reveal the context or characters, the directors did tease the possibility of three buttons to close out their latest film:

“We can’t say who is going to be in it but we can say that there certainly could be one, or two, maybe three. We can confirm that you should stay sat in your seats when the movie is done.”

There are multiple Phase 3 films that these snippets could cover: We could get a better look at Black Panther, or get a feel for the “superhero-buddy vibe” of Thor: Ragnarok. But there is one caveat—Captain America: Civil War happens to be Marvel’s longest movie to date, with a runtime of two hours and 27 minutes, so you might want to skip the Arnold Palmer iced teas when it debuts on May 6.


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