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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Both Captain America and a new Superman movie—apparently called The Man Of Steel—are starting to coming into focus. Slashfilm is reporting that one has locked down a screenwriter and the other has narrowed down its potential leading man pool. Well, maybe.

First to the Joe Johnston-directed Captain America: It now looks like seven actors are up for the part, with five of them committing to a screen test. The would-be Steve Rogers include Friday Night Lights’ Scott Porter, Michael Cassidy, Mike Vogel, Patrick Flueger, Chace Crawford, Garrett Hedlund, and, most intriguingly, The Office’s John Krasinski. It’s hard to imagine Krasinki playing the straightest straight arrow around, but casting an actor with an offbeat personality paid off brilliantly in Iron Man, so who knows? Also worth noting: The answer could easily be none of the above.


In less surprising news, David Goyer has been hired to write a new Superman movie. Goyer’s worked on both 21st century Batman movies and his script for Blade in 1998 helped kick off the superhero film resurgence that currently shows no sign of abating. We won’t even hold the fact that he wrote this against him:

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