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Cap's sidekicks might be getting their own TV series to buddy around in

Photo: Marvel Studios (Disney)

We’ve known for a while now that Disney—which is clearly not fucking around when it comes to dreaming up ways to get people to ditch Netflix in favor of its long-planned streaming service—would be tapping into its roster of Marvel Cinematic Universe talent in order to lure folks in. The entertainment mega-giant has already floated some ideas about limited television series centered on characters like Scarlet Witch or Loki, and now it sounds like two of Captain America’s beloved sidekicks might be getting in on the small-screen fun as well.

Variety reports that Malcolm Spellman (Empire) has been tapped to write a potential series centered on Sam “Falcon” Wilson and Bucky “Broke Up The God-Damned Avengers” Barnes, two of the most reliable arrows in Steve Rogers’ heroics-assisting quiver. (And somewhere, far in the distance, Jeremy Renner perked his ears up, only to remember that nobody was likely to be talking about him.) We have no idea what a TV show centering on Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s professional sidekicks would look like—possibly a whole bunch of “Sure does suck that Cap is absolutely dead at this point, right?”—but they’re both charismatic actors with fervent fanbases, so we can see it working out. Plus, it’s not like any other rapidly dwindling franchise of Marvel shows we might care to name managed to pull in any of the actors from the movies, so that’s at least one advantage these limited series would have.


Disney is expected to launch its unnamed service some time in 2019. The company is prepping a number of initial offerings to bulk out its library, including Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Western series The Mandalorian.

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