Photo: Tengku Bahar (Getty Images)

There is so, so much music, yet, as we all well know, there is never anything to listen to. Now, thanks to Capcom, your ears will never be bereft again, because the video game publisher has graced Spotify with a gargantuan collection of its best and weirdest video game scores.

Aside from a metric ton of gratingly chippy Mega Man albums and a whole slew of Street Fighter soundtracks, there are also some more eclectic choices to check out. Here, for example, is a Monster Hunter collection performed in the tinny metal stylings of many a Japanese game’s menu.


There is also, for those in a more sedate mood, several tracks from that game series interpreted as a smooth jazz album. (Even if you don’t listen, please at least enjoy the cover art of Monster Hunter’s anthropomorphized cats performing in a softly lit night club.)


Most importantly, the collection brings all listeners the gloriously cheesy butt rock of Devil May Cry 4‚ÄĒa soundtrack that includes Powerman 5000's ‚ÄúThe Time Has Come,‚ÄĚ which prominently features a man growling ‚Äúthe time has come and so have I‚ÄĚ over scratchy power chords and a skittering techno backbeat.

Now, if every storied video game publisher could follow Capcom’s example, we could all ascend to a greater, brighter auditory plane, one where Super Mario Bros. 3's Desert Land theme resides at our very fingertips.


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