Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

John Oliver’s interview with Edward Snowden lit up the internet and beyond as the Last Week Tonight host was able to actually get his chat subject to laugh, high five, and also talk about dick pics. It’s that last bit of information that has led to the launch of a website that details all of the U.S. government’s abilities to obtain vital data from ordinary citizens, i.e., Americans’ most precious commodity—photographs of their junk. uses Oliver’s interview and revelation that private photos of American genitalia are now available to the government as the nexus around which to inform people about the varying laws, practices, and extralegal maneuvers that would grant access to citizens’ information. It’s a great tongue-in-cheek approach that runs with Oliver’s elaborate dick joke and makes it much easier to understand the prevalence and reach that has been afforded to the intelligence community and its surveillance capabilities.


The site dives into all the mechanisms in place for obtaining private information from foreigners as well as American citizens. But for those that simply want to know the answer, unfortunately, yes they can see your dick. So next time sending one of those pics, perhaps spruce it up a bit with some patriotic elements like a flag, a bald eagle, a cowboy hat, or even just a sign that reads “I am not a terrorist, I simply want to show off my wang.”