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Can't get enough Ron Swanson? Behold the "Swanson Vs. Food" supercut

We here at The A.V. Club talk about Pawnee Director of Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson a lot—he’s practically the MVP of Great Job, Internet! From the Pyramid Of Greatness and his own recipe for a turkey burger to his appearances in pitchman and feline form, we can't get enough of Nick Offerman’s defining role as man's-man Ron Swanson.

A great many of Ron Swanson’s best moments over the course of Parks And Recreation involve food, and in that vein, NBC posted a 7-minute highlight video entitled “Swanson vs. Food,” a greatest-hits montage of bacon-wrapped shrimp, the Meat Tornado, and “Turf and Turf.” Curl up with a porterhouse, a glass of whiskey, and a cigar, and enjoy


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