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Candyman’s Tony Todd to play new villain on The Flash season two

The Candyman

Early on in the first season of The CW’s The Flash, the show revealed that Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells was the villainous “man in the yellow suit,” later renamed The Reverse Flash because that’s way snappier. In order to disguise his identity before the reveal, though, the show altered Cavanagh’s voice, resulting in the classic situation where a mysterious character is clearly someone you’d recognize, but the show is cheating a little bit to keep you from figuring it out. For season two, The Flash is going to take a different approach.

As reported by Variety, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says he wanted to do “something like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader—this iconic voice coming out of this mask.” To achieve that, the show has hired Candyman’s Tony Todd to provide the voice of Zoom, season two’s new big bad. Kreisberg says Zoom is “like a speed demon, and no one does a demon voice better than Tony Todd.” In keeping with this demon theme, Zoom will apparently look something like Venom from Spider-Man, with a “much more organic” costume that has “no skin showing.”


Season two will also reportedly drag out the mystery of Zoom’s identity, but apparently the costume will be so elaborate that viewers won’t know if “there’s a robot underneath, or dark energy.” Zoom will make his first appearance in episode two of the new season, “Flash Of Two Worlds.”

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