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Candyman remake director developing a "reimagining" of Julia Roberts' Sleeping With The Enemy

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According to Deadline, up-and-coming filmmaker Nia DaCosta—who directed last year’s Little Woods and has been tapped to take on the Candyman remake—is developing a “reimagining” of Sleeping With The Enemy for Fox Searchlight. The original came out in 1991 and starred Julia Roberts, and it concerned a woman faking her death with an elaborate plot involving secret swimming lessons so she could try and escape her abusive husband. We have no idea what DaCosta’s “reimagining” will look like, but this is the kind of project that could go in tons of different directions. All you really need is the recognizable title, the basic plot points of someone escaping an abusive spouse, and maybe a distracting cameo from Julia Roberts. If Fox Searchlight wants to go the most obvious route, it could even do a basic gender-swap, but we have to make it explicitly clear that it sounds like a terrible idea and the studio absolutely should not do it.


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