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Canada’s WayHome Festival is offering free tickets to FyreFest survivors

Ja Rule (Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

People have been using words like “pitiful” to describe Ja Rule and Billy McFarland’s Fyre Festival for a few weeks now, ever since it started making the bad kind of headlines in droves. Now, though, the widely reported debacle is finally starting to evoke some actual, useful pity for its participants. Consequence Of Sound reports that the organizers of Ontario’s WayHome Festival have stepped in to offer ticket holders for the canceled Caribbean event a free chance to come hang out with them, instead.

WayHome—which runs from July 28 to July 30—doesn’t have a lot of musical overlap with Fyre’s lineup, but it does feature some pretty great artists on its bill; Frank Ocean, Solange, Justice, The Shins, Tegan And Sara, and way more are all playing at this year’s fest. (It also boasts an actual infrastructure, and a more-or-less rock-solid guarantee that it won’t strand anybody in a FEMA tent city on a supposed island paradise.) The festival is offering one free General Admission weekend pass to everybody who bought a ticket to Fyre, releasing a statement gently mocking their competitors’ lofty claims: “At WayHome we cannot promise swimming adventures with pigs or fancy yachts, but we can help to fill a void & provide an experience to those who were unable to have the time-of-their-life at FYRE.”


Meanwhile, Ja Rule and McFarland are also offering survivors free tickets, to Fyre Fest 2018, for thrill-seekers (or potential future litigants) willing to roll the dice and give them another chance.

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