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Canada blocks Jeepers Creepers 3 over director’s criminal record

Jeepers Creepers 2

According to Deadline, director Victor Salva has run into a problem with his plan to film Jeepers Creepers 3 in Canada. Salva was convicted of molesting the then-12-year-old star of his first film, Clownhouse, in 1988 (he also pleaded guilty to “lewd and lascivious conduct and of procuring a child for pornography”), and when the Union Of British Columbia Performers found out he was casting for his horror-movie sequel in their province, it started warning talent agencies about Salva’s prior conviction and even got the casting notice pulled from Breakdown Services, a website which collects and distributes casting information. On top of that, Breakdown has “removed [Jeepers Creepers 3] from its files,” cutting the film’s production staff off from the pool of actors and agents who use the service.

In case Salva’s past didn’t give Breakdown and the Union Of British Columbia Performers enough pause, the notice itself said that the film was looking for “an 18-year-old actress for the role of Addison, who at the age of 13 had been sent to live with her grandmother after her stepfather ‘started making overtures’ to her.” It’s not hard to see why that would stand out in this situation. As of right now, it doesn’t look like anyone working on Jeepers Creepers 3—including Salva himself—has commented on any of this.


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