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Some days, the 9-to-5 creeps along slower than usual. If that’s the case, why not pass the time with a text-based adventure RPG that whisks you to the exotic, fantastical world of...surviving your probationary period at a new, white-collar hell office.

Last week, a new game found called Dungeons & Deadlines landed on Reddit. In the 8-bit indie title, you’re tasked with making it through a 62-day probationary period at your new place of work—a task that, surprise, ain’t as easy as it sounds. More Oregon Trail than D&D, the game has players draw from a series of “ choice cards” each work day that test your ability to be a productive office cog while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


“Created by Synthwave artist Miles Matrix during an extreme bout of depression as a means to a voice, Dungeons & Deadlines is a satirical look at daily work place horror and the meaningless emptiness of capitalism played out via cards,” reads the game description on Reddit.

Sounds like a soul-crushingly awful way to pour salt in your corporate wounds? Don’t worry! There’s cheery polyphonic jingles and quotes from such beloved entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, John McAfee, and Pablo Escobar to encourage you along the way. Happy Humpday, cogs!

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