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Can someone please shave the new Spock?

Photo: Michael Gibson (CBS All Access)

Earlier this year, the producers of CBS All Access reason-for-existing Star Trek: Discovery announced that the show’s second season would cash in one of the big plot chips it’s been holding on to: The appearance of Michael Burnham’s foster brother, Vulcan Hall Of Famer Spock. Specifically, the fan-favorite character would be played by young actor Ethan Peck, following in the footsteps of folks like Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. Now, Discovery has given us our first glimpse at its version of Spock, and…Jesus, buddy, you couldn’t have shaved for this one?

Photo: Michael Gibson (CBS All Access)

Okay, so, maybe we’re being too hard on new Spock and his facial “choices.” After all, he could always be from the Mirror Universe—Discovery loves that shit—or, uh…Trying to get a Vulcan version of Mumford & Sons off the ground? (“Check out our new single, Pon Farr From Home’!”) In any case, the trailer for the show’s second season showed off a lot more than just Spock and his follicles mumbling about visions: It also followed through on promises of a lighter, more fun-feeling tone, coming through at least in part in the form of Anson Mount, whose Christopher Pike seems a lot more laid back than the ship’s last commanding officer.


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