(Photo: Noisey)

In the Simpsons episode “A Milhouse Divided,” Milhouse’s soon-to-be-divorced dad Kirk Van Houten draws a blob during a game of Pictionary and then melts down when his long-suffering wife, Luann, can’t recognize that the drawing represents “dignity.” One astute Simpsons scholar noticed that the album cover for Cali punk band Ceremony’s new album, The L-Shaped Man, bears a striking resemblance to said scribble. Fans then took things one step further and paired “Can I Borrow A Feeling?”—Van Houten’s ill-fated, lovesick attempt at re-wooing Luann—with Ceremony songs. Not surprisingly, the results are a marked improvement, obliterating the schmaltz of “Feeling?” in an explosion of hellfire hardcore aggression. Listen to one of these mashups below.