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Cam'ron: "The Safdie brothers offered me a sucker ass role in Uncut Gems"

L to R: Cam’ron (Nicholas Hunt) and Uncut Gems (A24)
L to R: Cam’ron (Nicholas Hunt) and Uncut Gems (A24)
Image: Getty Images/A24

Thanks to a steady stream of cinematic chaos and a few hairpin turns, it’s a little difficult to recall every single face that appeared in Ben and Josh Safdie’s critically beloved Uncut Gems. But one person was definitely not a patron at well-connected jeweler Howard Ratner’s (Adam Sandler) booming establishment: rapper Cam’ron. However, according to the Harlem hip-hop mainstay, that wasn’t always the case.

Complex recently posted an interview with Diamond District duo Joe and Izzy Aranbayev, who provided some jewelry and key consultation for the film. Izzy detailed a call that he received from Cam’ron, who was with the Safdie brothers at the time and was able to facilitate the introduction. What followed was a 45-day shadowing process between the filmmakers, Sandler, and Izzy, which would lead to the formation of Sandler’s character. Cam’ron posted a clip from the interview on his Instagram page. In the caption, the rapper thanked the diamond dealer for mentioning his involvement. He then went on to accuse the Safdies of using him for his connection to the major jewelers without properly thanking or acknowledging him.


“Thanks @izzyaviannes for keeping it 100,” Cam’ron wrote. He then went on to address Josh Safdie and share that he was supposed to have an actual role in the film:

@booger_nose used me to get to you and the family. Then tried to give me a sucker ass role. When they told me it was supposed to be me and @jonahhill starring in it with @adamsandler (uncut Jems) then didn’t even give me a thank you in the credits. @booger_nose is still my guy.. but this needed to be said. And talk about my consultant fee lol.. Love and congrats to all”

It is unclear as to what “sucker ass role” he was offered or how he would have fit into the overall arc as one of the leading men. If what he’s saying is true—that he was originally considered for one of the starring characters alongside Sandler—that could mean anything from standing in as Lakeith Stanfield’s rogue associate Demany to having a rather sizable cameo akin to basketball star Kevin Durant, whose ambitious coveting remained at the center of Howard’s constantly escalating conflict. As of now, neither of the Safdie brothers have responded to his claims. The only thing we can know for sure is that whoever Cam’ron could have played, there’s no way he would have been a bigger sucker than Howard himself.

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