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Cameron Esposito is coming to The A.V. Club starting Friday

The problem with living in Chicago (aside from today’s weather) is how the funny people always leave. As much as the city is a destination for Second City, iO, and others, stand-up comedians usually hit a ceiling here that forces them to one of the coasts. About a year and a half ago, Chicagoan and comedian Cameron Esposito moved to Los Angeles, enriching that city’s already vast reserves of comedy talent.

The good news for those of us back in Chicago is that Cameron is going to debut a new column for The A.V. Club’s AUX section this week. The idea is loosely based around her personal pop-culture milestones—if you’ve seen her website, you may have seen her writing about touring with a circus, and this will explore similar territory. We’re calling it Who In The World Is Cameron Esposito?


We’re very excited to have her aboard. Cameron is one of the best up-and-coming comedians working today, and she’s an avid A.V. Club reader, so it should be awesome. Who In The World Is Cameron Esposito? debuts Friday.

In the meantime, watch her breakout performance from Craig Ferguson last September:

Photo by Jeff Dojillo.

Editors note: Cameron’s column will post every other week, not weekly, as we originally wrote.


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