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Cameron Esposito

Friends, we were as disappointed as you yesterday when we had to accept the reality that not one, but two shows at our upcoming comedy festival had to be canceled. (That’d be Big Terrific and 2 Dope Queens.) It left a sad void in our Friday evening, though we were prepared to rage that much harder at the late-night ClickHole show, as well as the booming aftershow events.

But who just came along on a tidal wave of amazing hair to make our Friday night that much better? Comedian, actor, and A.V. Club columnist Cameron Esposito, who’s flying back to her hometown for a special seated show at Lincoln Hall at 8 p.m. on Friday, June 3. Opening the show will be the very funny Damien Lemon, host of truTV’s Comedy Knockout.


Tickets went on sale just now, and they will likely go very fast. So if you were let down by the cancellations, or you just love Cameron Esposito—maybe both?—hop on this comedy train. See you there, or at the other shows, or the after shows, or maybe just around the way.

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