In McAfee’s semi-annual list of which celebrity-related searches are most likely to lead to sites full of identity-stealing malware and other online threats, the most dangerous name to Google is apparently Cameron Diaz. This means that criminals believe that Cameron Diaz is among the most popular celebrities in the world, that the Internet is dying to read up on the development of What Men Want, or that Diaz’s fanbase is the one most likely to be suckered into visiting a website that promises them “Cameron Diaz nude photos,” then steals their online banking passwords instead. Her runner-ups on the list include Julia Roberts and Jessica Biel, both of whom have no hot, Julia Roberts Jessica Biel XXX nude pictures or secret sex tapes, but whose names are nevertheless often used by shameless blogs to drive traffic, and lure in people with the promise of Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts, and Cameron Diaz nipple slips, upskirt photos, and even things that they would never, ever do, like nasty doggystyle action and fetish porn and steamy lesbian threesomes. It’s disgusting, frankly.